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I am Nieves Venckus Martinez

I approach art very humbly, free of preconceptions, and open to endless possibilities.

When I paint, I do not use brushes. I let my hands carry me on the canvas or the wood. These moments come without planning, and they arise from the need to express feelings, experiences, and memories.

My current body of work examines the intersection of my state of mind and nature.

Each of these emotions is unique and play a role in the development of my abstract art and the variety of mediums I use to bring different textures and colors.    

A period of deep introspection and personal transformation has led me to look more closely at the details around me, from clouds to oceans, to mountains and flowers.

I like to share these feelings and sensations with others through my artwork.

There is uncertainty in the creative process, but those moments of doubt or hesitation are fertile ground for pure creativity and freedom. Uncertainty is to penetrate the unknown at every moment of our existence. The unknown is the field of all possibilities, always fresh, always new, always open to the creation of new manifestations.

What is seen in my paintings is the reflection of what exists in my mind and my heart.

Meet My Team


Eduard Martinez

Operations and Logistics 



Paula Russo 



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