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Photography has been my passion for many years. 

I have always believe that every photo tells a special story, much as any art form does to the viewer. Every picture in my collection was taken with the idea to preserve the mystery and nostalgia that surround the history of neglected homes all over the world.


In this first gallery of images, I invite you to see some of the favorite photographs taken in Yangon Myanmar, a city that I profoundly love, and Kauai, my beautiful home for the last 16 years. 


Each door and window speak to us of another time, particular events already gone, and the mark of the people who lived in those buildings.      

As the Finish architect Juhani Pallasmaa wrote:

"There is a tacit wisdom of architecture accumulated in history and tradition.

But in today's panicked rush for the new, we rarely stop to listen to this wisdom".  

If you want to see all the collection, please visit my Instagram page @nievestravels 

All the photos are available in different sizes, printed on metal by infusing dyes deep into the specially coated metal, showing a magical luminescence. They are scratch-resistant and waterproof, with a superb quality provided by Josh Lutz and his team at MagnaChrome located in California, USA.          

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