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We welcome inquiries from art industry people looking for sales partnerships, fine art galleries, interior designers, art consultants, dealers, and brokers. 


Please tell us what you are looking for and we will work out details with you for a win-win relationship. We are also open to co-operative marketing opportunities with media, trade shows, industry experts, and other agencies. You could use our contact form here or you could send us an email directly to     


If you are interested in submitting your artwork for review, please, send an email with your biography, and artist statement with images of your work. The files should be at least 5 jpeg, and if possible, you should provide an online portfolio or a PDF version as long as it includes all the information requested. 

Galeria Hawaii was created in 2010 to represent and promote the contemporary art by emerging and established artists from the islands and other locations from all over the world.

Our goal is to provide the emerging artists a platform on which to build their art careers, and to assist well known artists in the search of new ways to expose their creations.

As you probably know, purchasing artwork online is becoming more and more common. Why? Because you have an unlimited amount of time to browse and to decide who are your favorite artists, and which original or limited edition is the best choice for your home or office.  

Mahalo for visiting Galeria Hawaii!

Payment Methods
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